Toe sandals are a fashionable and comfortable alternative to shoes. These casual sandals for men sit right in between shoes and slippers, they are formal enough that you can wear them to the office and comfortable enough for everyday, casual use. These versatile pairs of footwear, thus, are the perfect choice for hot weather. We sit with our feet enclosed in shoes and socks for at least 7-8 hours every day. Due to this long period of time where our feet don’t get to breathe, some people don’t only feel uncomfortable but also battle skin problems.

Are you also tired of dry, itchy skin or battling fungal infection in the hot summer season? Keep your feet cool and moisturized with a pair of toe sandals from Fausto! Made of high-quality leather and a memory foam cushion, these sandals for men will be your perfect companion for the Indian summer. 

Sandals for men have been a part of human history for thousands of years. So much so that the first and oldest pair of footwear ever discovered was a sagebrush bark sandal. Discovered in Fort Rock Cave, in the U.S. state of Oregon, Radiocarbon dating found that these casual sandals for men are approx. 10,000 years old! 

Apart from this, there is strong conclusive evidence in the means of illustrations, depictions, and text from all over the world that suggests that casual sandals for men have been a preferred footwear article for thousands of years. Be it the far west land of the Americas or far east Japan, sandals have been used by both commoners and royalty both.

Romans and Greeks are often depicted as wearing sandals for men. There is a pair of sandals called Roman sandals which is a close copy of the original design which Romans used to wear. In our country too, sandals have been a preferred choice of footwear for hundreds of years. Even now, everyone from small children to office-going people prefers sandals over the bulkier and hotter shoes during casual events.

Toe Sandals are different from the other popular sandals due to their design. Where most of the other sandals are fastened to the foot using straps and such around the forefoot and the ankle, toe sandals are held using straps around the index toe. This emphasis on the toe gives these sandals for men a more minimalistic design and uses less material. These casual sandals are available in different shades of brown and black and are exclusively made in synthetic leather material, for improved durability and sustainability. 

Check out the complete range of Fausto’s Toe Sandals and get a new pair of sandals, right at your doorstep!


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