Hitting all fashion goals with Fausto Kid’s collection

With the recent jump in fashion trends for kids and a huge variety in style and form in the whole of India, clothes for kids are not just seen as a functional need but an important one. With different outfits, come different kinds and styles of shoes which makes any outfit complete. Choose from Fausto’s collection of Running Shoes, Slip-on formal shoes, lace-up shoes, outdoor boots, etc.

Lace up Shoes:

There are various types of lace-up shoes available for kids nowadays. In different designs and colors, lace-up shoes will make your young one’s outfit shine in the crowd! Choose from leather lace-up shoes which go great on both casual and formal wear or go for lightweight sneakers which are cool in summers and have a bounce when your kids walk.

Outdoor Shoes:

Outdoor shoes have a better grip and are more breathable than indoor shoes. Made of durable and easy-to-clean material, these shoes last the rough use and abuse of a toddler and last till your kid outgrows them. Outdoor shoes can be paired both with formal as well as casual wear. Outdoor shoes are great for kids who are just learning to walk too, as Fausto provides a sense of comfort and security while the toddler learns.

Slip-on Formal Shoes:

Kids are usually fussy with anything related to formal wear. Be it a suit or a pair of formal shoes, your young one will throw a tantrum. To prevent this, Fausto brings you a collection of Slip-on shoes that go great with formal wear and saves you from the wrath of your toddler! These shoes are comfortable in form and function and they look great in different colors.

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