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With the great variety of shoes readily available in the market today, it does not do justice to your outfit if you don’t pair it up with appropriate shoes. For any casual social gathering, the best way to go on about this conundrum is to choose from loafers for men or go for a pair of casual shoes for men. Loafers is an umbrella term for the endless casual shoes available today. Loafers for men include Boat shoes, Moccasins, Open-back shoes, Lace-up, Sneakers, Slip-ons and other casual shoes for men.

To help you navigate this difficult and confusing world of loafers, we bring you a guide to help you make your selection. Choose from a wide range of selection, over hundreds of styles and get a pair of shoes which fit you perfectly and goes with your outfit. Although sneakers are the most popular choice in loafers, shoes like boat shoes, loafers, open-back shoes and Moccasins fit the best in a semi-casual setting. You can even pair most of the loafers for men with formal menswear and be ready for a day at the office.

Let’s go a bit deeper into the world of casual shoes for men:

  • Moccasins: A slip-on type of shoe traditionally made out of a single piece of leather, Moccasins are a great hybrid of casual and formal wear. They are much more comfortable than conventional formal shoes for men which have a heel. For a casual day out on a sunny weekend, go for Moccasins, jeans and a polo shirt to get your perfect look. Combine your Moccasins with a pair of chinos and a formal shirt to win at meetings in your office.
  • Loafers: Being the most versatile type of shoes, Loafers for men have the great quality to not only complement but to also increase the aesthetic appeal of any outfit. Being more on the ‘comfortable’ spectrum of casual shoes for men, Loafers are worn without socks or with special ‘loafer socks’. Loafers are made from different kinds of fabric, from leather to synthetic, you can find your perfect match by going through Fausto’s online catalogue on Loafers.
  • Slip-on shoes: Encompassing all the categories of shoes such as loafers, open-back shoes, boat shoes, laceless sneakers etc., slip-on shoes are an absolute necessity for people who prefer comfort over anything. Slip-on shoes are extremely comfortable and versatile, owing to their no lace design. They fit perfectly if you find the right fit and go great on both casual and formal wear.

Hope this little guide solves your queries on loafers for men and casual shoes for men. For quality shoes at affordable prices, try Fausto.


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