Open back shoes in casual shoes for men are a style of shoe which has no back or constraint around the foot’s heel. Open-back shoes are ancient and humankind’s relationship with shoes, slippers or any sort of footwear started with open-back shoes. The earliest form of open-back shoes can be traced back to Rome, even though these shoes were not popularly worn until in the sixteenth century Europe. In Europe, these open-back shoes were primarily worn in bedrooms and boudoirs as bedroom slippers or sliders for men. As time passed by, these open-back shoes have developed in style, form and factor and are now worn in all walks of life. 

Apart from Europe, these casual shoes for men were also worn in the cultures and civilisations such as Turkey and Egypt, which is evident from famous paintings and sculptures portraying kings and gods in these shoes. These popular indoor shoes have come up from their status as bedroom slippers to fashionable casual shoes for men now. The prime reason for this huge jump in their popularity is the comfort they provide. You can don a pair of these sophisticated and premium looking open-back shoes on a hot day and not worry about the heat getting to your feet. Moreover,the versatility of these shoes is so that you can pair them up with casual wear or formal wear easily.

Open-back shoes have a great ease of accessibility as they are basically sliders for men but they are proper shoes which you can wear in different settings like when you are hanging out with your friends or at a day in the office. Open-back shoes come in different styles and various decorations, they can also be categorised by different types. These shoes are now made with materials like leather and synthetic PU but back in the day, open-back shoes were made of silk and different kinds of fabrics. Open-back shoes were also famously worn by Indian royal families like Mughals, Rajputs, Marathas etc. These open-back shoes worn by royal families were adorned with jewels or made with gold threads and were called jutis for men. Jutis were basically sliders for men in looks although they had a closed toe design and they had a bit of an ankle support.

Being made of leather and/or synthetic PU, these casual shoes for men are sure to be durable. The best quality of these shoes from Fausto is that they will most probably go with every outfit in your wardrobe and will elevate the looks of the outfit further.


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