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Sneakers for men come in a wide variety, in different colours and types. Be it running shoes for men, casual shoes for men or sports shoes for men, sneakers are all encompassing. These shoes are versatile and comfortable, they fit with every outfit and go well with every occasion. That being said, it’s best for when you want to kick back and relax. 

Sneakers for men, also called trainers, athletic shoes or kicks, were primarily designed for sports and other physical activities. After years of evolution, sneakers have penetrated everyday life and are now used as casual wear. Casual shoes for men like sports shoes for men or running shoes are largely made from synthetic materials such as canvas, polyester, foam, PU etc. 

Sneakers are called sneakers due to the soft rubber or foam sole which is used in their construction. Because of this, sneakers are very light and do not produce much sound when walking or running. Compared to dress shoes, or ‘standards’, sneakers were very quiet and thus, they began to be known as sneakers. The first pair of running shoes for men were made in 1895. These shoes saw a big improvement in traction and speed and the company ended up manufacturing these for the 1924 Summer Olympics.

In the present time, casual shoes for men have a wide variety. For example, running shoes are divided by running styles and they have further divisions such as ‘neutral’, ‘overpronation’ and ‘underpronation’. These shoes have a lot of padding for maximum comfort and they restrict the foot in moving too much inside the shoe. Fausto running shoes for men come with a special memory foam cushioning in the sole which acts like a mould and does not let your foot move too much inside the shoe, whenever you walk.

Fausto offers a great deal of sneakers for men online. Differing in not only styling and functionality but also in material used for construction and the comfort offered. Choose from a range of casual shoes for men at Fausto. Excelling in looks, durability and comfort, Sneakers at Fausto are great for all the occasions. Ranging from running shoes to walking shoes, you can make your choice and order them at the comfort of your home. Get direct to doorstep delivery and order worry free. 


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