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Just want to enjoy a nice walk in the morning sun? Why opt for tight and performance-based running shoes? Invest in a pair of walking shoes for men! Featuring a thick outsole for comfortable, peppy movement and a tire-free walk. Walking shoes are a type of sports shoes for men which are specially made for brisk and comfortable walks, instead of high-performance runs or High-Intensity Interval Trainings (HIIT). 

Walking shoes for men are not as close-fitted as running shoes and they have space for your feet to move around well. These shoes are available in both lace-up and laceless designs, although laceless designs are more popular due to ease in putting them on and being ready to go. These sports shoes for men also feature a wired mesh design which provides great cooling and ventilation to your feet when you walk. 

The sock-like fitting has given walking shoes for men the name of sock shoes as well. These sport shoes for men are super lightweight in their construction, owing to the Knitted soft fabric used in their construction. Fausto’s walking shoes have memory foam insoles that provide a super comfortable insole experience. Memory foam moulds itself according to your foot and protects your feet against accidental slips etc.

Walking shoes for men are not stiff and they flex quite a bit, which makes them an excellent choice for brisk walks and even a bit of running. Walking shoes have less cushioning in the forefoot and heel area, which is only needed in sports shoes for men. The less cushioning makes the overall shoe lighter and quicker for long walks. The less cushioning does not translate to less comfortable shoes, runners are putting 3 times their body weight on their heel every time they run, on the other hand, walking puts around one and a half times body weight every time a person walks. Thus, extra cushioning is not needed.

Walking shoes should have only a minimal difference of height between the forefront and the heel. It’s because there should be a bridge between the heel and the forefoot so that when walkers walk, there is a roll through every step. This increases the walking efficiency of sports shoes for men.

Apart from having a bridge between the forefoot and the heel, casual shoes for men which are used for walking need to be flexible. To check the flexibility of the shoes, press down with the toe of the shoe and see where the shoe bends, if it bends at the forefoot, great news! You have found the best walking shoe!


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