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A pair of breezy, breathable shoes with a soft insole sounds like bliss doesn’t it? A new year brings new trends and exciting latest arrivals at Fausto. Gear up for the 2023 with Fausto’s new arrivals this winter.


Ballerinas or Ballet Flats are shoes inspired by Pointe Shoes which are worn by Ballerinas in a Ballet. As their inspiration, Ballerinas are designed as light and sylph-like as possible. Ballerinas are classy and comfortable and mostly closed and round-toed. Ballerinas sometimes feature a small heel too.


Sneakers are very versatile for casual wear. You can wear sneakers on basically anything. Being an umbrella term, sneakers might require a small listicle of their own but to keep things short, running shoes, sports shoes, canvas shoes, tennis shoes etc. come under sneakers for women

Sneakers are extremely comfortable and breathable. Traditionally made from synthetic and PVC material, sneakers nowadays see a whole array of experimentation with different outer materials and forms. You can get leather sneakers, canvas sneakers, suede, and many others.

Slip-on Shoes

There are several subcategories in slip-on shoes for women. Slip-on is usually low and lace-less and the most famous category of slip-on is loafers. With their humble beginnings as just casual shoes, slip-on shoes for women have graduated to become popular in the formal shoe market as well.


Loafers are slip-on, closed-toe shoes and might feature a little to no heel at all. Loafers are amazing to both form and function as they are easy to get in and out of and are comfortable with a good, soft insole. Loafers for women are very durable too, owing to the different synthetic materials used in their construction. A pair can last you for quite some time. Loafers are also an umbrella term and contain more sub-types like boats, mules etc.


An absolute must for summers, Sandals for women come in different shapes and sizes. Dress sandals can be open toe or closed, heeled or without a heel. The one distinction between sandals or flats to other types of shoes is that they leave most of the foot exposed, cool and dry. Sandals also help in preventing athlete’s foot and other feet related problems.

So, go on ahead and get ready for this summer with a complete catalog of new arrivals from Fausto 

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