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Summers are here, and so begins the season of heat, sweat and annoying itches. Our feet are the most enclosed parts of our body. Covered for extensive hours in socks and shoes, sweating. This season finds many people suffering from fungal infections like Athlete’s foot or ringworm. If you are one of the victims of Indian summers or just want comfortable and cool footwear that helps your feet breathe, it’s advisable to go for sandals for men

Sandals for men have an illustrious history. No matter the time period or the region of the world, some variation of sandals have always been in existence. From early Romans to Greeks in Europe to far eastern Japan, Sandals were worn by commoners and royals alike. Sandals have been such a big part of the world’s history that the oldest known type of footwear found is Sandals discovered in Fort Rock Cave in the U.S. state of Oregon. Radiocarbon dating suggests that these sandals for men are approximately 10,000 years old.

Floaters for men and other types of Sandals have been worn in various parts of the world for a long time. In India itself, the depictions of gods and mythological figures show them wearing sandals. In India, sandals or jutis have been a deeply rooted part of Indian ethnic wear. Early inhabitants of America, the Native Americans used to travel barefoot but the chiefs had sandals made of woven sagebrush bark. In Europe, Romans, Greeks and other civilisations used sandals extensively. So did Egyptians, where the depictions show Pharaohs and gods in sandals. In Japan, commoners and feudal lords alike wore tall sandals.

At Fausto, you can get your choice of Floaters for men. You can choose from a wide variety of Floaters, in different colours, shapes and sizes. Floaters are great for everyday use and also one of the most common types of sandals available. Fausto’s floaters for men are available in a synthetic leather construction, which makes them sustainable and durable. With two straps, one on the forefoot and one on the ankle, you can adjust how much grip you want from the sandals, considering your custom foot size. The straps are fastened using high-quality velcro. The insole is comfortable and sweats absorbent, leaving your skin allergy-free and fresh. The memory cushion padded sole also gives you a great bounce and comfort every time you take a step. 

Choose from the best and most affordable range of sandals, only at Fausto and get ready to have all eyes on you.

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