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As the summers ravage across India and temperatures soar upwards of 40 degrees every single day, we have to look for better footwear than constricting and hot shoes to wear at home. If you are looking for something even more comfortable than a pair of slippers for men, flip flops for men or thongs, you should be looking out to buy a pair of sliders for men

Sliders differ slightly from flip flops for men and slippers for men. Instead of utilising two thin, side-running straps to secure the foot to the slipper, sliders use a thick, broad strap on the forefoot to secure the foot to the slider. Even the name slider comes from the fact that you can comfortably slide your foot in this comfortable footwear

Sliders are insanely comfortable, owing to their thick soles. Soles of sliders are thicker than the soles of slippers for men or flip flops for men. These thick Eva soles are supremely comfortable and carry a great grip, which makes sliders for men a good choice for everyday use too. 

Sandals and flip flops were the earliest form of footwear ever found. They have been a part of human history for so long that an excavation near the Fort Rock Cave of the U.S. state of Oregon revealed a pair of sagebrush bark slippers for men. The radiocarbon dating revealed that these flip flops for men are approximately 10,000 years old. Apart from this, sandals for men have been popular throughout the older civilisations. From every part of the world, both Royals and commoners used to wear these casual shoes for men.

Greeks used to wear slippers and sandals, as shown in statues and depictions of gods and royals, so did Romans. Roman sandals have been iconic in modern civilization too. Sliders have been in indoor use for ages but they first gained popularity for outdoor use in the late 90s and the sole credit for their popularity goes to the increasing heat waves. From that time, slippers took the market by storm and have stayed in popularity ever since then. 

In countries such as ours, Sliders have been an essential part of the Indian office life as we see people ditching shoes in hot-weathered areas for their trusty sliders and slippers. Most of the people in semi-urban and rural areas of India use sliders in their daily use, no matter inside or outside of the house. 

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