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If you want a no-hassle job every morning when you wear your shoes or just want a break from the laces and the regular tying and untying, you should go for slip-on shoes for men. Slip-on shoes are widely popular as formal shoes for men as they are very comfortable and don’t put pressure on your foot too much. 

The low-laceless shoes are great for office, casual days, meetings or just about any of your other needs. Finding their humble beginnings as casual comfort shoes, slip-on shoes for men are now worn with business suits, shirts and any other type of formal clothing.

Slip-on formal shoes for men come in both Oxford shoes lacing and Derby shoes lacing, so you can take your pick in whichever lacing you prefer. Oxford lacing, also known as ‘closed lacing’ is characterised by shoelace eyelets or the holes in which the shoelace goes in, attached under the vamp, in contrast with Derbys. Derbys have shoelace eyelets attached to the vamp, a lacing type called ‘open lacing’.

Slip-on shoes for men have elasticated inserts in the side which allow the shoes to be easily removed but they remain snug when worn. These formal shoes for men are the most popular in Britain but they are also widely popular in the Indian office going generation.

The first-ever slip-on shoes for men were produced in London, in 1847. They were developed as a country shoe for the landed gentry and the royal family. After a while, a slip-on shoe was developed for King George VI as a casual shoe. That shoe is still sold by London firms as ‘the Harrow’. From the 1840s London, the shoes spread like wildfire to all of Europe and countries like Norway, Italy, Belgium etc. made significant efforts and changed in the design. This proved very helpful for the shoes and accelerated their growth into the US. Now, these formal shoes for men are wildly popular all over the world.

How to style slip-on shoes for men:

  • Slip-on shoes go great with business suits and tie up the whole outfit together. You can wear these shoes on any type of suit, be it two-piece or three-piece. A dark coloured (navy, black, charcoal or dark grey) suit will go great with brown slip-on shoes.
  • Brown slip-on shoes are very versatile and go with almost any colour. Hence, a pair of brown slip-on shoes will go with most of your suits, trousers and shirts.


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