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Be it the comfort of your home, or a hotel, mountains, or the beach, lounging at your place or going out shopping, flip flops for men are the ultimate symbol of casual wear. Coming back from office or college, we just want to take off our shoes and slip into cool and breezy slippers for men. Our feet are inside socks and shoes for at least eight to nine hours per day. In that time, they perspire and stay in the sweat, without any fresh air. This leads to several health problems like the dryness of skin, rashes, itchiness and in severe cases, even fungal or bacterial infections. 

The best way to battle your foot problems and get ready to lounge lazily is to get yourself a pair flip flops for men. Flip flops have been an important part of men’s footwear since the olden days.You can see in many statues and illustrations how big of a part slippers for men have played as a daily wear piece of footwear. Flip flops have been a part of human history. 

Flip flops are the earliest form of footwear ever found. A pair of sagebrush bark slippers for men were found in the Fort Rock Cave of the U.S. state of Oregon. Radiocarbon dating revealed that these flip flops for men are approximately 10,000 years old. Apart from this, sandals for men have been popular throughout the older civilisations. From every part of the world, both Royals and commoners used to wear these casual shoes for men.

Greeks used to wear slippers and sandals, as shown in statues and depictions of gods and royals, so did Romans. Roman sandals have been iconic in the modern civilisation too. Slippers have been in indoor use for ages but they first gained popularity for outdoor use in the late 90s and the sole credit for their popularity goes to the increasing heat waves. From that time, slippers for men took the market by storm and have stayed in popularity ever since then. People who value comfort and style choose sandals to wear on hot days. 

Fausto’s flip flops for men are apt for everyday office use as well as going out on dates and dinner parties. You can pair these slippers with almost anything, except formal pants. Fausto’s flip flops are made of synthetic leather and they look great. Featuring a memory foam cushion in the slippers’ sole, you can be sure that these are the most comfortable pair of slippers you have set your foot in.


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