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With a 250+ years of history and heritage and a classic look which has been alive ever since, Chelsea’s show no sign of stopping to grow in popularity. Men Chelsea boots have a close-fitting and are ankle-high. Chelsea shoes come with an elastic side panel and they also often have a loop or tab of fabric on the back of the boot, to allow the wearer of these slip on shoes for men to be able to pull on them. Chelsea work shoes for men were a big and popular part of different subcultures, including Mod, Punk, Rock N’ Roll and other big and great music subcultures. 

Chelsea shoes, borrowing its name from the royal borough of Chelsea, first came into existence when the Queen Victoria's shoemaker Joseph Sparkes Hall was on a pursuit to construct a pair of comfortable and all-weather walking shoes. He combined the versatility of a walking shoe with the ease of elasticated sides and he had a perfect shoe for walking and horse riding. 

Joseph Sparkes Hall said, "She (Queen Victoria) walks in them daily and thus gives the strongest proof of the value she attaches to the invention". In his advertising of the period, he refers to the boot as J. Sparkes Hall's Patent Elastic Ankle Boots.

In 1960s, Men Chelsea boots found their way in the Beatles wardrobe when the music group saw these work shoes for men at a shop and asked the Covent Garden-based theatrical and fashion shoemakers Anello & Davide to make the Cuban-heeled elastic-sided boots that were a central element of their early ‘uniform’ look. 

After the Beatles wore them, Chelsea shoes rose in popularity and their association with the King's Road, a street in Chelsea and Fulham in inner western London is believed to explain how the name "Chelsea" became attached to the boot. During that time, the time of Swinging London, Men Chelsea boots were worn by everyone, from the Rolling Stones to Jean Shrimpton.

Men Chelsea boots go great with both casual wear and formal wear and are considered an essential part of Casual Smart Wear. Chelsea shoes from Fausto are made from high quality and premium materials and are available at an affordable price point. Fausto’s Chelsea work shoes for men come in different designs and are available in different variations of Chelseas like Jodhpurs, The Beatles, Riding Boots etc. Check out the complete collection of Fausto’s impeccable Chelsea Boots at the Collection Page.


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