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Monk Strap shoes are the perfect blend of formal and casual. Monk strap shoes or monk strap are a type of dress shoes. They are different because they are made with no lacing. Instead of laces, they are secured on the feet by one or multiple buckles and straps. Monk Strap shoes are formal shoes for men but they are less formal than a full Oxford shoe. On the other hand, they are more formal than open Derby shoes. Monk strap shoes often have a cap toe and are occasionally brogued. Monk strap shoes are very popular in suede material.

Monk Strap shoes are used as dress shoes and they look great on a plethora of dresses like suits. You can pair these monk strap shoes with Oxford shirts, the closure look of both the shirt and shoes match and complement each other. Monk shoes go well with Indian ethnic dresses like Nehru jackets or dress kurtas. You can also combine these shoes with Jodhpur pants to get a great look.

Where Oxford shoes and Derby shoes are completely formal shoes for men, on the other hand, Monk Strap shoes are not strictly formal and can be worn on casual shoes as well. You can wear Monk shoes with chinos and shirts as well. 

Fausto has a great range of stylish shoes for men, women and children. You can check out the wide variety of thousands of designs online and get them delivered right to your doorstep. You can opt for classic, timeless designs of formal shoes for men or check out the quirky and trendy casual shoes right here.

Fausto uses premium leather and synthetic materials in the construction of formal shoes which makes them durable and classy. These formal shoes look great in every setting, be it a party or an office meeting. You can wear them anywhere. For the construction of casual shoes, Fausto uses synthetic fibre with wire meshes which is very breathable and comfortable. With a lot of cushioning around the forefoot, the heel and the ankle area, sports shoes from Fausto are the best. 

The utilisation of PU sole for the outsole of the shoe gives shoes unique advantages like chemical and water resistance, longevity and a lightweight and airy feel. PU and EVA soles are very light and comfortable. They are very flexible and elastic, and thus, are best to be used in shoes. PU and EVA soles are also amazing at absorbing shocks when you are on the go. Be it day-to-day tasks or heavy-duty work like running or sports, PU soles from Fausto can handle it all!


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