Looking out to spice up your relationship with the same old shoes? You can stick with the same tried and tested designs or look at the fashionable, new zipper shoes for men. Be it formal shoes or casual shoes, you can try out this new trend with both! 

Zipper shoes are easier to wear as you can just put your foot in and close the zipper. No need to tie laces or or stretch your shoes’ eyelets to the breaking point. Making a true fashion statement, these zipper shoes for men do not leave utility in the backseat while looking great. Experience the comfort of a great grip and traction with the rubber sole which is available in all the boots for men

At Fausto, men zipper boots for men are available in both high ankle and low ankle designs, to suit your needs. Try out new and unique leather textures and colours, from olive green to black, make your outfit complete by wearing these shoes. Complete with a decorative stitching and a robust upper, these shoes can be worn either as casual shoes for men or formal shoes for men. You can choose from a lace-up design or a slip-on design. Zippers can be added to any type of boots for men, like in Chelseas, instead of the elastic side panels; in hiking shoes, at the side for not only a better fit but also better accessibility; in formal shoes for a good midpoint between formal shoes for men and casual shoes for men

Most boots for men cover both the foot and the ankle, which is the distinctive difference between shoes and boots. Unlike shoes, boots cover the ankle and they might even go far up till your calves, knee and even hips! Since boots are taller than shoes and offer ankle support, it is better to opt for zipper shoes for men. These actually offer ankle support but are not tough and rigid. The flexibility and complete opening makes them easier to wear than traditional casual shoes for men or formal shoes for men

Zipper shoes for men have a small, minimal heel and a rubber sole with good and serrated tread which offers security and comfort. The loose upper helps in providing protection from chafing, rashes or blisters. A clandestine zipper in boots for men provides a clean, smart look, a great fit and an ease of accessibility.


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