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Fisherman sandals are one of the oldest variations of the sandals. Thought to have originated in France, this design is one of the foremost types of sandals for men, these sandals have no clear connection to actual fishermen. The connection, however might come from the design, which is largely completely open so that the water can be drained out rather easily. Brogues have perforations due to the same reason. Illustrations found in several parts of the world suggest that fisherman sandals were worn in numerous cultures and civilisations in different centuries. 

These sandals for men utilise a thick and comfortable sole, ideal for the outdoors. A thick sole in these sandals helps in preventing injuries if you encounter sharp pebbles or gravel. Fisherman sandals have a great grip and come in a serrated pattern to get you the grip you need to conquer the great outdoors.

The design of these casual shoes for men have a type of T-bar. In this design, the toes are enclosed by leather bands interwoven with the central lengthwise strap that lies along the instep. These sandals have an adjustable cross strap or bar fastened with a buckle. The heel can be both fully enclosed or secured by a single strap joined to the cross strap.

Fausto Fisherman sandals are made from synthetic leather, which is a more sustainable and durable replacement of leather. Synthetic leather ensures that no poor animal dies in the process of procuring leather from animal hide. Fausto has a great range of these casual shoes for men and they are available in different styles and designs. You can get these sandals for men in different shades of brown and black. This makes these sandals very versatile and easy to style with any outfit of your choice.

Fisherman sandals for men are largely worn casually and are not considered appropriate for formal events. In India, fisherman casual shoes for men are one of the most common forms of sandals, akin to sneakers or tennis shoes. You can even wear these sandals to different hikes or for walking. The memory foam cushion in Fausto sandals makes sure that you have a comfortable experience, no matter how you use or wear your sandals. You can use these sandals for night walks, for casual day outs, a perfect companion for your casual parties or even such activities as shopping in the city. The versatile nature of these casual shoes for men makes them very popular among all the sandals for men available.

For all your styling needs regarding the men's fisherman Sandals, check out the Fausto blog on how to style these sandals with different dresses. Check out the colour and design options and choose the one that fits you the best, only at Fausto online!


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