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Boots for men have been an essential part of men’s footwear for a long time now. Traditionally made from leather or suede, boots offer great traction and safety to the wearer. In a lot of workplaces, it is required by law to wear boots as work shoes for men for safety purposes. 

Work shoes for men can be distinguished according to the kind of work they are being used for. Boots for men are designed to withstand snow, shallow water and mud and so they are closely stitched and use leather, rubber, canvas or other such materials in their construction to prevent the entry of snow, mud, water or dampness through gaps between the laces and tongue of the shoe. There are gumboots that are longer and made from rubber completely, these extend till your calf. Thigh-high shoes are used by fishermen in some regions and they are not only completely waterproof but also insulated for more warmth.

Speciality work shoes for men have been made to protect steelworkers’ feet and calves if they accidentally slip in molten metal or chemical exposure, from falling debris at construction sites and from extreme temperatures like in the desert or even in Antarctica. 

Work shoes for men can be worn with both jeans and trousers. They give the outfit a great look and if you opt for a low ankle, classic boot, they can even be passed as normal formal dress shoes. You can keep your shirt tucked to get the complete formal look with leather boots for men. Boots like Chelsea or Chukka shoes have a very understated design which implies a subtle sense of fashion and class. 

Chelsea boots have a versatile design and are the best option for someone who is searching for work shoes for men which do not only look great on formals but complement casual wear too. Chelsea boots for men have a close-fitting and ankle-high design. They also feature an elastic side panel and a loop or a tab of fabric on the back of the boot so that it can be pulled on.

Chelsea boots first came out in the Victorian era and were worn by both men and women that time. At Fausto Boots designed have majorly been the same way. They have had designs which have lasted centuries. The developments in boots are purely functional or comfort-wise and the designs are not changed that much.


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