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Lace-up shoes are an absolute staple for men. It is not possible for a man to not have some sort of lace-up shoes in his wardrobe. From casual shoes to oxford shoes, derby shoes or running shoes, every shoe with laces will come under lace-up shoes. If you want to get technical and home in on a particular type of shoes, let’s discuss formal shoes for men

Formal shoes for men come in different designs, materials, types and occasions but the main offering from these shoes is the same. Formal shoes are mainly worn on, yes, you guessed it right, formal occasions. So, from office to fancy parties, if you want to dress up and make an everlasting impression, you have to go with good ol’ lace-up shoes.

Formal shoes go great with traditional trousers, suits and chinos. They sometimes look good on jeans as well, but more often than not, you should go with loafers, boat shoes or something more semi-casual if you want to pair them up with a pair of jeans. If you want to look great in a suit but are apprehensive about wearing square-toed, soft leathered, traditional formal shoes, it's better to go for something more stylish in the lace-up shoe category. You can opt for a pair of brogues, oxford shoes or derby shoes etc. to put an outfit together. 

Traditionally, formal shoes for men were made from leather but now, you can get these shoes in different materials. You can get these shoes in synthetic PU, vegan leather and leather. These shoes are even offered in hybrids too, wherein manufacturers combine two types of materials to improve the overall functionality of the shoe. For example, sometimes, manufacturers will add similar coloured elastic or fabric cutouts to shoes like oxford shoes or derby shoes to improve on the breathability of the shoes and to provide a better fit to the customers. The addition of different material is not only functional but it increases the overall aesthetic of the shoe as well. 

At Fausto, you can choose from a wide range of lace-up shoes, like formal shoes for men, oxford shoes, derby shoes etc., to fit your styling needs. You can shop for great shoes at affordable prices, right at your home. Get these shoes delivered right to your doorstep. Enjoy great looking, comfortable and breathable shoes that rock in both form and functionality.


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