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Runners and athletes swear by a particular type or brand of running shoes for men which fit them and are most comfortable for their particular type of running. if you are serious about running or a sport that involves running a lot, like football or marathons, it’s time you choose a shoe which is not only comfortable but also helps you in improving your time and agility. But first, you need to understand what are the different types of sports shoes for men available in the market right now. Here are the main categories of training shoes for men:

  • Everyday Running Shoes: These are all-rounder shoes that dip their fingers in every aspect. The most versatile option gives you the most general type of running shoes for men. These shoes can handle everyday running and are very durable. A pair of Fausto sports shoes for men can last you for two years, even if you are a regular runner.

    Everyday running shoes have the maximum cushioning to prevent injuries from regular running shoes. With ample cushioning on the forefoot, heels and ankle, these shoes provide a snug fit and give a great bounceback while you are running. 
  • Lightweight Running Sports shoes for men: These shoes are constructed in a way where the weight is shed everywhere possible. This lightweight construction makes these running shoes for men the best option for sprinting and other faster workouts/races. Keep in mind that the weight removal process means less cushioning than everyday running shoes.

    If you want a specific pair of training shoes for men, focused on faster training, you would want to go for these shoes. These shoes, owing to their construction are generally less durable too. A pair of Fausto’s lightweight running shoes will last you anywhere between one and half year to two years, depending on your usage. 
  • Trail Running Shoes: Depending on the kind of surface you run on, some shoes may prove to be inadequate on surfaces like dirt, gravel and rocks. Fausto has built sports shoes for men which focus not only in solving this, but also provide safety and protection on these hard surfaces. Trail running shoes for men feature a great grip and are very durable. The trade-off comes with a hard outsole which might not provide the bounciest ride while running.

    training shoes for men have lugs on the bottom which provides superior grip over dirt, gravel and rocks. There are changes not only in the outsole but on the upper too. Trail training shoes for men have a well-ventilated and more durable upper to help in sunny, harsh outdoors.

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