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Human beings spend most of our life on their two feet, naturally, all our body weight falls on our feet and if something in our attire needs to be comfortable enough to take on the whole day’s stress, it's the shoes we wear. To provide comfort to this exclusivity of walking on two feet humans enjoy, we invented shoes and the most comfortable of all the lot are, without a doubt, sports shoes for men. These shoes are not only limited to athletes or people who train but find their way in everyone’s lives at some point. Be it for office, gym, walking or a nice little date, you can pair sports shoes with most of the jeans and chinos to create a great OOTD. But what separates Sports shoes from other shoes and what makes them desirable? Check out our comprehensive guide on these shoes.

Types of Sports shoes for men:

Walking Shoes: Walking shoes are specially constructed for brisk walking and everyday comfort. They utilise a soft, cushioned insole to provide maximum comfort and a slightly hard outsole to give some durability so that your shoes last for a long time. Most walking shoes also slip on for ease of accessibility and you can even wear them at home. Walking shoes have a knitted, soft and sock-like fabric to ensure the best custom fitting.

Running Shoes: Running shoes are specially made for runners and athletes and employ special technologies and lightweight construction that ensures that you shave those little seconds of your time which keeps you from achieving your goals. Fausto’s running shoes have a special memory foam cushioning inside which provides a mould whenever you walk so that the shoe becomes an extension of your foot itself. With a considerably softer EVA sole, running shoes give you a great bounce while running so that you train faster and get better. Running shoes also have a soft, knitted fabric which provides a great fit and sweat absorption. Using wire meshes to give your feet the maximum airflow to prevent sweat from making your feet slip, running shoes are the true definition of sports shoes for men.

Training and Gym Shoes: Gym shoes focus on sweat absorption and superior grip so that your feet don’t slip while training with heavyweights. Using a light fabric with strategically placed tufts of sweat-absorbing fabric and wire meshes, Training shoes employ different technologies to provide you with the best gym experience. 

So, just narrow down your needs and choose the shoe which personally fits you best. Fausto gives you great quality shoes at an affordable price. With free shipping above Rs. 500 and a 5% off on prepaid orders, right now is the best time to get a pair!


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