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Casual shoes for women come in all shapes and sizes. With a variety of designs coming up every day, casual shoes are no longer restricted to the same old basic casual attires nit now are starting to be designed to fit any and every occasion. From loafers for women to sneakers and everything in between, casual shoes for women are evolving day by day with new designs and styles entering the market. 
Casual shoes to add to your collection:
  • Loafers- A pair of shoes you must have are loafers for women. Loafers are slip on shoes, without any zips, laces or any other fastenings, that come in different designs such as plain, tasselled or with bows. The penny loafer is the most popular variant among other styles such as heeled loafers, open backed loafers etc. They can be worn jeans, skirts, dresses and almost every any other attire.  
  • Ballerinas- These shoes are ideal for office wear and other formal occasions. Ballerinas for women are round toed and flat and make for very comfortable footwear.  Overall, these slip-on shoes for women have a very feminine vibe and pairs well with dresses and skirts. 
  • Sneakers- Cool and trendy, sneakers for women are perfect to bring out your sporty side. These casual shoes pair well with baggy or skinny jeans and an oversized shirt. They can even be paired with dresses for a very peppy and fun look. Current trends have made white sneakers for women a fashion staple and quite ubiquitous in the market. 
  •  Wedges- The comfier cousin of the heels, wedges will make you feel tall but without hurting your feet. These casual shoes for women have a thick heel and are good for office wear as well as casual wear. 

Casual shoes are a gift that keeps on giving. At Fausto, you will find a plethora of designs and styles to suit your every mood. We at Fausto, bring to you the latest trends of footwear at affordable prices and unmatched quality. If you want to venture into casual or formal, we have got your back with our wide range of footwear specially curated to meet the fashion trends that change with the blink of an eye. For men and women both, Fausto is the one stop shop for all footwear needs. 


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