You can run, sprint, jump; you can do anything in sneakers. These wonder shoes come in a ton of different designs and help you stay comfy all day long. Being on your feet all day can be very tiring. On top of that, usual women’s shoes, such as heels and wedges, can be a tad bit cumbersome to wear all the time. At such a juncture, sneakers are a god-send. 

Originating in the 19th century, sneakers, or plimsolls, as they were called then, had thin rubber soles and a thin top covering and were the most used footwear for outdoor activities. The first pair of sneakers were invented by Wait Webster and soon after its invention, gained widespread popularity owing to the versatility of the sneakers.

Find your comfort with sneakers for women 

The uniquely versatile sneaker shoes for women can be styled perfectly for casual and semi casual occasions. Sneakers can add a touch of peppy fun to any attire and come in many designs such as high tops or ankle sneakers, slip on shoes for women, canvas sneakers etc.

Our collection of sneakers for women has a huge range of sporty and cool footwear with all the latest trends. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to carrying off sneakers for women with total style. 
  • An unlikely but popular pairing is sneakers with dresses. White sneakers, among other casual shoes for women, are a great buy solely because it can be paired with almost anything, even dresses. A casual dress such as a skater dress or a flare up dress can be paired with white sneakers. This look is great for a casual hang out with friends or a girl’s night out.  

  • Cuffed jeans and sneakers for women look cool and trendy. Here, again, you can opt for white or light-coloured sneakers with classic blue jeans and white shirt for a timeless look. Throw on a pair of funky bohemian earrings and you’re all set. 

  • Who says sneakers can’t be feminine? Sneakers for women pair well with straight skirts as well as maxi skirts matched up with a crop top.
  • Florals go incredibly well with light coloured sneakers. Whether it’s a summery sun dress or a colourful floral shirt, sneakers are an option you can consider.
 If you’re thinking of buying a pair of sneakers, a few things must be kept in mind such as the fit, the material etc. Fausto brings you the best of women’s shoes, from casual to sporty, at affordable prices and unmatched quality.

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