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They are classics, they are evergreen, they are always in style and they are an absolute must for a man. Lace-up shoes have been around for hundreds of years, featuring the same design and the same technology. This begs the question, after years of fashion evolution, what makes these shoes such classics that they are still used the same way?

The usage of these shoes in the formal category and the same quintessential design makes them perfect in every sense. Shoes like Oxford shoes and other formal shoes for men, thus, don’t really require any style changes. At this point, lace-up shoes have become kind of a tradition. They have entered our conventions and have embedded themselves in our day-to-day.

What are the different kinds of lace-up shoes you can find in the market?

There are some famous formal shoes for men like Oxford shoes and Derby shoes but apart from them, there are several different designs you can opt for while looking for shoes. Let’s discuss some of the different kinds of lace-up shoes today:

Formal Wingtip-type shoes: 

Wingtip shoes are a type of formal shoes for men which also can be worn in casual settings. Usually these shoes are stylish and pointed. The wingtip refers to the design which includes a pointed toe and pieces of leather or ‘wings’ which run from the forefoot to the sides of the shoes. These shoes have visible edges and have a good form fitting. Wingtip shoes are made from leather, usually two or three pieces stitched together. 

Oxford Shoes: 

Oxford shoes are probably the most common type of formal shoes for men, matching in popularity with Derby shoes. Oxfords are so popular that at this point they have become a separate closure style in themselves. Oxford shoes are characterised by shoelace eyelets tabs that are attached under the vamp. This feature is exclusive to Oxfords and is known as "closed lacing". At Fausto, there are hundreds of styles you can choose from in this category.

Derby Shoes:

Derby Shoes are as popular as Oxfords and as old in usage as them. In the beginning of shoe fashion, there were Boots, Oxfords and Derbys only. Derbys are characterised by quarters, with shoelace eyelets that are sewn on top of the vamp, in complete contrast with Oxfords. This construction method of Derby Shoes is called "open lacing" and is utilized in several other stylings of shoes.


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