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One of the biggest investments in your formal outfit is formal shoes. Most people overlook the role of proper formal shoes for men in an outfit. Formal shoes not only tie the whole outfit together but also complement your outfit and help you create a lasting impression of people. Fausto has a huge collection of formal shoes like Oxford shoes, Monk strap, Derby shoes, Brogues, Lace up etc. to choose from. Combining high-quality materials with affordable prices, Fausto is a haven for formal shoes for men. You can choose from over 150 styles of formal shoes and take your pick according to your outfit. To choose a pair of formal shoes that fit your bill perfectly, we have brought you a small list to help you distinguish between different types of formal shoes for men:

  • Oxford shoes are the most reliable and versatile pick for a professional event. Be it a day at the office or a formal party, you can rock these shoes with any formal outfit and make them look complete. Oxford shoes are close-toed, pointy and feature closed lacing. Shoelace eyelet tabs are placed under the vamps in oxford shoes. Oxford shoes started their journey in the 1800s, at a time when boots were the only type of footwear for men. Boots are large, heavy and cumbersome to wear and lack of roads being an issue, people had to wade through rain and mud regularly. Around that time, men’s fashion in trousers changed from knickers to long trousers which reached the end of the ankle. This made the shoes get smaller in height and so came to be a new kind of shoe - the Oxford. Oxfords are elegant in their simplicity and thus have won a special place in the hearts of men who wear formal shoes regularly.
  • Derby Shoes started their life as dress shoes and were only worn on special occasions. Featuring an extra layer of stitching, Derbys were durable and so apart from their usage as formal shoes for men, Derbys were worn in sports activities too. Nowadays, the role of Derbys have changed significantly and they are not just looked at as dress shoes. You can pair Derby Shoes with formal wear to get an outfit for the day or style them with casual wear to create a smart casual wear combo. You can team these formal shoes with both a suit and jeans.
  • Brogues are distinct from any other type of formal shoes for men because they are adorned with a punctured design that looks unique and classy. Swaying from their original purpose of emptying water when the wearer would get out of the swamps, Brogues now are considered one of the major additions to any man’s shoe rack.


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