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Oxford shoes are the definitive formal shoes for men. Be it Oxford shirts or shoes, Oxfords are the way to go if you want to go the formal way and leave a lasting impression. Oxfords are also the most common type of formal shoes for men, aside from Derbys. Most men prefer either Oxfords or Derbys. 

Oxford shoes are very easy to identify, their characteristic quality is that the shoelace eyelets, or the holes in which the shoelace goes in, are attached under the vamp, in contrast with Derbys. Derbys shoes have shoelace eyelets attached to the vamp, a lacing type called ‘open lacing’. Oxfords utilise the type of arrangement called ‘closed lacing’. 

In the earlier years of Oxford Shoes were plain, formal shoes that were made of leather and worn in casual settings or for athletic purposes, since Boots for men were the only type of shoe that was considered appropriate for formal settings. As time changed and Boots for men became too heavy and cumbersome for everyday use, Oxford evolved into multiple styles which were then considered suitable for formal wear, casual wear and most importantly, with uniforms. 

Oxfords were strictly made of leather but to fit the styling needs of the ever-evolving fashion industry, Oxford Shoes are now made from a range of materials like genuine leather, calf leather, faux leather, suede and canvas. Oxford shoes are generally brown or black but can be available in a variety of colours. They are also available in plain or brogue patterns.

As said earlier, Oxfords are the definitive formal shoes for men. Here’s how you can style Oxford shoes with various outfits:

  • A well fitted, three-piece or two-piece suit of any colour will go with a pair of brown Oxfords. Brown, for formal shoes for men, is the most versatile colour and will go with almost any coloured suit. Oxfords are amazing at tying up a suit together and give you a younger look. The pointed tip of the shoe also makes your feet look complete and whole and makes the outfit sharper.
  • In summers, you can pair a light, casual suit with Oxfords. A light grey or beige coloured suit paired with a light coloured shirt, without a tie would go great with brown Oxfords. You can turn the whole vibe of a casual party with a look like that. The outfit will be a perfect smart casual wear combination.
  • You can combine Oxfords with a pair of jeans and a casual or semi-casual shirt for the perfect everyday office wear. This outfit will make you look smart and ready for a quick meeting or just general working the whole day. You can even choose an outfit like this for a concert or a casual day out.


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