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Boots have been famous from ancient times due to their form and functionality. Worn for safety, protection and the great looks, boots for men have been famous for a long time. Most boots cover the foot and the ankle and have a closed design. Some boots even go upto the calves for better protection in all seasons like mud, snow, rain and scorching heat. Oftentimes, boots have a heel that is distinguishably clearer than the rest of the sole. 

Leather boots for men are used by policemen, army and other professions that require high physical activity. In some workplaces like the construction business, it is required by law to wear cap-toes safety boots. Boots for men are used as a part of the regulated uniform as well as motorcycle riders use boots for riding because of the durability and extra protection that they offer.

Boots for men provide good traction and boots made of synthetic fabric and a rubber sole are a first choice of gear for people going on hiking or for mountaineering. Some boots also feature hobnails on their underside to provide better grip and protection against wear and tear.

Types of boots - 

Work Boots: These leather boots for men offer a great look and functionality. They are available in an array of colors and materials like leather and suede. Work boots can be worn to the office and they look great on jeans. If worn on skinny jeans with a shirt, these work boots bring the complete outfit together and increase the overall appeal of the outfit. 

Chelsea: Chelsea are a great option for someone who is looking for an overall boot that does not only look good on casuals but on formals too. Chelsea boots have certain discernible features. These leather boots for men are close-fitting and ankle-high. They have an elastic side panel and a loop or a tab of fabric on the back of the boot so that it can be pulled on. Dating back to the Victorian era, Chelseas are a tried and tested trend which has survived centuries. 

Chukka: These leather boots for men are ankle-high with suede or leather body and a rubber sole. Chukka boots for men mostly have a lace-up design with only two or three pairs of eyelets. Chukka boots were worn by British soldiers in Western Desert Campaign of World War 2 and their reliability really shined there. 

Hiking Boots: These boots for men are specifically designed to be used in activities such as hiking and outdoor walking. Being one of the main gear for hiking, the shoes determine the hiker;s ability to walk distances without any injury.

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