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Be it ethnic wear or formal wear, most men have a limited option of dress shoes. We have to stick to those same old designs of Oxford shoes or Derby shoes and if we are feeling too adventurous, Brogues. For formal wear, there is still a choice of all this formal footwear, but for Indian ethnic wear, especially if you take into account South India’s or the North East’s ethnic wear, you are only left with jutis or kolhapuris that might be a saving grace.

How do we men battle this growing shortage of styles in this particular area? How do we dress up for a festival or an ethnic, regional wedding or some other event without looking like a complete dork? Well, the answer lies in Dress Sandals.

Fausto’s Dress Sandals are made specifically to fill this gap in the Indian men’s fashion market. These sandals for men are made in unique designs and with premium materials to suit your every need. You can choose from a wide range of designs from these dress sandals and make sure you find a versatile design that fits most of your dresses. 

If you have a battle from skin problems like Athlete’s foot or ringworm on your feet or from easily losing moisture and dry skin, you should opt for these sandals for men. Dress Sandals generally have more than two straps or pieces of leather fastening the foot to the sole of the sandal.

Here are some ways you can style these sandals for men:

  • Dress sandals go very well with ethnic kurta pyjama. You can wear these leather sandals with any type of kurta pyjama and expect them to go well with the outfit. These sandals are held together to your foot using straps with velcros. The velcros allow the sandals to be adjustable and makes sure the fitting is always right.
  • Dress Sandals go well with regional ethnic clothes. You can find that these sandals will go well with mundu and kurta or a simple cotton shirt. Wearing jutis or shoes is a bit cumbersome and boring and you can opt for these sandals.

Dress Sandals can go well with some of the formal outfits as well. A staple of India is to wear a half-sleeved shirt with trousers and dress sandals for men. This outfit becomes very popular in the office going people as soon as summer comes around. Cotton shirts and trousers paired with these sandals is the perfect office outfit for the summer season.


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