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Brogues are now considered the champion of both looks and functionality. With a debonair look, these suave formal shoes for men look the most distinct than any other shoes available in the market. You can pair these laceup shoes with any outfit you want, as Brogues are used in formal wear but they are not strictly formal. Brown Brogues go great with suits and formal wear, just pair these shoes with a black trouser and a light blue shirt and you are ready to impress. 

The unique styling of Brogues only adds to its resume, Brogues have openings punched in the leather uppers. These punchings are mostly in the toe area of the shoe and from there, they line up against the front and the sides of the shoe. Brogues have a lot of variety and casual Brogues lack a distinct heel too. Instead, casual Brogues have a normal, consistent-heighted outsole. Formal Brogues, however, still come in the classic style with a little heel. Brogues are close toed and pointy in design and the shoe ends just at the starting of the ankle. 

Brogues, before coming into the formal wear area, were all about form, functionality and outdoors. Born in the rolling hills of Scotland, Brogues were shoes with openings punched in them. Brogues are generally characterised by multiple-piece, sturdy leather uppers with decorative puncturings. The art of making these punctures is called ‘broguing’. 

Traditionally, Brogues were outdoor shoes, country shoes which could be worn like so but not in formal or even casual settings. Original Irish Brogues were the first to feature decorative perforations. These holes were designed to allow water to drain from the shoes when the wearer crossed any wet terrain such as in rain, a swamp or bog. Brogues are one of the most common formal shoes for men. Most common forms of Brogues are available in leather shoes and boots but with changing times, Brogues have appeared in canvas and leather sneakers as well.

Brogues are commonly seen in four toe-cap styles, these are: 

  • ‘Full’ or ‘wingtip’ Brogues
  • Semi-Brogues
  • Quarter Brogues
  • Longwing Brogues 

Closure style is not significant in Brogues and they are offered in a variety of closure styles. Most common closure styles are: Oxford, Derby, Ghillie and Monk. 

Brogues are generally good in any settings. Celebrities have often been spotted wearing Brogues with loafer socks with capris and dress shorts. A teal colored dress shorts with a beach shirt and brown Brogues makes up for a fun, casual outfit for summers. Best part is that you can repurpose these brogues in a formal outfit too. Excited for your new pair of Brogues? Check out over 150+ styles of formal shoes for men, including Brogues at Fausto!


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