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In a perfect world, what would you choose the restrictive closed toed shoes or the free and airy sandals for men? The answer is quite evident here. Sandals for men are comfortable and breathable, making it perfect for the scorching hot summers we get every year. The free feeling one gets when out in sandals is incomparable. The notion that men’s sandals, from floaters to flip flops, are only suited for super casual occasions is an outdated one. The steady pour of new designs in this category has made the humble sandals a crowd favourite. 
If this territory is one you’re unfamiliar with, here are some types of sandals for men you can try:
  • Flip flops Flip flops for men are the most common among a wide variety of sandals and are ideal beachwear but can be worn for casual shorts and t-shirts days. Since flip-flops for men are made of rubber mostly, wear them to the pool or to the beach. 

  • Roman sandals: Also known as gladiator sandals, these types of sandals go a little higher up the foot and are well strapped. A pair of open back roman sandals can make you look dapper even in your casual attire. If you want to give these shoes a chance, try pairing these sandals for men with a pair of chinos and a solid shirt. 

  • Toe sandals: Toe sandals for men are very comfortable to wear and pair well with jeans as well as chinos. The toe ring adds a bit of good ol’ earthy fashion to the attire and looks good with solid colours. Ethnic wear is also another realm of men’s clothing that matches well with toe sandals. From simple kurtas to detailed sherwanis, toe sandals are always welcome. 
  • Floaters: Floaters for men are great to beat the heat. A well fitted floater will keep you comfy all day long and the Velcro strap that most floaters for men come with, make for a snug yet comfortable fit. You can style them with most casual wear but refrain from wearing socks with your floaters. 
  • Fisherman sandals: These types of sandals for men go well with smart casual attires. You can experiment with these shoes and pair them with linen pants and an earth-toned shirt.  Classic shades of black and brown look best with these shoes. 

Sandals for men are very versatile if you think about it. Pairing is key here. If you match floaters with a casual blazer, it probably won’t look great. If you pair the same with fisherman sandals, the look would  most probably work better. So, you see, sandals aren’t that all bad. There are a wide range of different designs for you to try. Fausto brings you the best in the world of men and women’s footwear, with affordable prices and unmatched quality. Find your perfect fit here. 


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