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Is it a shoe? Is it a sandal? It’s a shoe x sandal?? Get ready to be confused in wonder by Fausto’s new sandals for men. These casual sandals for men combine the best of both worlds, they act as sandals and shoes both owing to their construction, which makes them look like shoes with a lot of slits in them or shoes made of straps. These summer-friendly casual shoes for men are worn without socks and provide your foot with ample air and breathing space. 

Our feet are enclosed in socks and shoes for at least 8-9 hours per day. This makes feet dry and prone to itchiness, fungal infections, and bacterial infections. To battle this problem, you can take help of these casual shoes for men, which can be easily worn without socks. These kinds of sandals for men often employ a velcro or a strap lock fastening making them adjustable to the size you are comfortable with. Shoe-style casual sandals for men are also available in various shades of colors, including classic brown and black colors. 

Here are a few small tips on how to style these casual shoes for men:
  1. Shoe-type sandals for men can be worn with a lot of different outfits. Their close resemblance to classic shoes makes them an easy choice for office-going people and students who have to maintain a code of conduct in their appearance.

  2. Want to look like a gentleman on your date? Or heading to a formal casual party? Pair your Fausto's shoe type casual sandals for men with a pair of chinos, a tucked-in polo shirt. A khaki or beige-colored chino with a light pink polo shirt and brown shoe type sandals will look great.

  3. Why not pair up a casual shirt with a pair of classic blue jeans and black shoe-type sandals for men? You are sure to look premium and classy in this outfit. This outfit will also prove to be really comfortable and can be an ideal choice to wear not only at your casual office days or night outs but also to parties or concerts. 

  4. Pair a fitted suit with these shoe-type casual sandals for men! A fitted suit with ankle long pants and tapered and fit waisted blazer and pants will look great with these sandals. This casual style is great for days when you have to dress to impress but the weather is not being helpful.
Check out the complete range of these great and versatile sandals for men only at Fausto! Fausto uses synthetic leather for the construction of the upper for a more durable shoe that is also sustainable.

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