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Chukka shoes have a rich history in military and sports and the term ‘chukka’ itself comes from the sport of Polo. In the sport, ‘chukka’ is a seven minute period of play and a polo match has around four to eight chukkas. In Hindi, ‘Chukka’ means ‘chukkar’ or a round. Mens Chukka shoes are a great option for someone looking for a shoe which is not too casual and not too formal.

Chukka shoes are distinct in their styling as they are ankle high, open facing and have rubber soles. Chukkas’ soles have a thin rubber sole which is great at grip as these were made for horse riding. Chukkas are only made of leather or suede and are open laced with two to three pairs of eyelets. These boots for men share a distinct similarity in their designs with Jodhpur Boots, which were made for horse riding too but utilise elastic side panels instead of laces. Jodhpur Boots are a bit taller in length as well and they use the same construction as Chelsea Boots

Chukka boots for men were the official standard issue for soldiers in the desert campaign of World War 2. Chukka shoes with rubber sole provided a greater traction than any other shoe type at the time. Better traction meant less slip while running and more protection in the desert. These boots for men even handled the scorched and arid earth in the deserts well. 

Chukkas were originally based on the South African veldskoen which featured a durable yet simple design and construction and were wildly popular in South Africa due to this reason. Chukka shoes are so comfortable and lightweight that they are often bought by soldiers and used even when they are on holidays.

After the desert campaign was done and World War 2 was over, Nathan Clark went back home and started a new shoe company called Clarks where he brought the Chukka shoes to the mainstream market. Now, these boots for men are a casual staple and  people love the perfect midpoint between casual and formal, where Chukkas sit. Chukkas, being a desert shoe, look amazing and at home in shades of brown but you can opt for different colors like black, navy blue etc. 

At Fausto, you can even choose from the authentic design or a new modern design on these Mens Chukka Shoes. Fausto’s lightweight and grippy Chukkas have a rubber sole which is super grippy. These shoes are made not only for fashion but also for utility. 


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