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Summer comes with blooming green trees, a variety of lemons, mangoes, and watermelons, and cool, light summer-ready t-shirts. As much as we all love summers and want to go on lovely picnics on Sunday in the warm summer season, the Indian summer gets very hot and arid at the turn of May. As soon as May comes, temperatures soar and reach upwards of 40 degrees. In this hot weather, it gets super hard to wear shoes and people prefer sandals, flip flops for men or slippers for men. 

Indians have had a very close relationship with flip flops for men and we use them for basically everywhere, be it outside the house or inside. Slippers for men are great to wear in the office and in many offices, where an informal dress code is allowed, people prefer to wear sandals and slippers. Flip flops are insanely popular in semi-urban and rural areas of India. They are also very popular with people who are easily susceptible to fungal infections and other summer sweat-related foot problems. Men’s flip flops provide constant fresh air and keep the feet dry and airy.

Flip flops for men have been a part of human history. So much so that the earliest form of footwear ever found is a pair of sagebrush bark sandals found in the Fort Rock Cave of the U.S. state of Oregon. Radiocarbon dating revealed these men’s flip flops to be approximately 10,000 years old. Apart from this, slippers for men have been popular throughout the older civilisations. From every part of the world, both from the Royal families and commoners have worn these casual footwear for men.

In the western hemisphere of our globe, Greeks used to wear sandals, as shown in statues and depictions of gods and royals, so did Romans. Men’s Flip flops have been iconic in modern civilization too. These slippers for men first gained popularity in the 1990s and the sole credit for their popularity goes to the Hollywood celebrities. From that time, these flip flops for men took the market by storm and have stayed in popularity ever since then. People who value comfort and style choose sandals to wear on hot days. 

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