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Love for shoes knows no bounds. Options for men’s shoes know no bounds as well. 

From sneakers to boots, the sheer amount of options is amazing for personalization but just buying a pair of shoes takes your breath away. Take a shortcut from endless search results which come up when you search for the best shoes for women and men.

Check out our listicle for bestseller men's shoes and Fastrack your way to a decision.

Boots :

Boots are probably the most versatile kind of shoes for men. Be it an office setting or a casual outing, boots work practically everywhere. You can even get in a pair of boots and go on a long hike. As versatile boots are, it’s still hard to make the right choice for your feet. From the material to the kind of insole and outsole in the boots, boots like formal shoes for men offer a great deal of both technological and cosmetic changes every year.


After boots, loafers enjoy the versatility in their usage with both formal and casual outfits. You can easily slip them on and step out of the house looking like a million bucks! There are different types of loafers for women and men with it's refreshed every year too.

Casual shoes:

There are myriads of sneakers, sports shoes, boat shoes etc. that come out every year. From swanky Chukkas to comfortable Nikes, casual shoes see the biggest refresh every year. Divided into different categories, casual shoes might not be that versatile (we all know that not everyone pulls off sneakers and suits like Beckham). So check out the different range of new arrivals in casual shoes for men.


Can you imagine going to the beach or a small brisk walk without your slippers or sandals in this blistering heat? Oh my beloved Slippers, how you were taken for granted! But come 2021, there are new and great-looking slippers and sandals for women coming out even in materials like faux leather, PU, and much more to suit your particular needs and style! 


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