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Must-Have Shoes for women 

Keeping in mind the immense range of options available for women today, finding the perfect pair of shoes to match an outfit can be difficult. Moreover, pairing an outfit with the wrong shoes can derail the whole look. Well, worry not, for we’ll help you pick out some must-have shoes for women that should absolutely be a part of your closet.


The reigning queen of casual shoes for women, a pair of sneakers is an essential part of a woman’s shoe collection. From dresses to jeans, sneakers for women go with almost every casual outfit there is while at the same time, keeps you feeling comfy and cool. 


Flat sandals for women are a godsend during hot summer days. It pairs perfectly with most summer outfits such as sundresses and shorts and most importantly, doesn’t make you feel clammy at all. The versatility of the strappy sandal is unmatched for sure when compared to other casual shoes for women.


Perfect for long days in the office, ballerinas for women come in handy when walking in heels all day is a strict no-no for you. Ballerinas are extremely comfy. And, at the same time, can make you look and feel quite chic without compromising on the formal factor.


When it comes to slip-on shoes, especially for semi-formal and formal occasions, loafers for women take the cake. The right size loafers can leave you feeling airy and free without leaving out the fashion factor; courtesy of the tassels and bows that they come adorned with.

Picking out the right pair of shoes can transform a whole outfit. These are just a few types of shoes for women that can be added to your shoe collection. Shop these and more at Fausto and rock any look, whether formal or casual, with total panache!

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