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Moccasins are a type of casual shoes for men, made of deerskin or some other kind of soft leather. Traditionally, Moccasins consist of a sole which is made with leather that has not been ‘worked’ with and the sides are made of another single piece of leather. These two pieces are stitched together at the top and put together by an additional panel of leather. Moccasins, historically, were the preferred outdoor footwear of many indigenous people of North America, however, as time passed, these slip on shoes for men were worn by hunters, traders and European settlers. 

The primary use of Moccasins, a type of loafers for men, was hunting and other outdoor activities, thus, the sole of the shoe used to be made according to the specification of the land. A soft soled slip on shoes for men was used by natives living in thick forests, where they wanted to have a feel for the ground to navigate their way through the thickets with agility. On the other hand, people living in dry and arid areas with a lot of cacti and hot, scorched earth went for a thicker sole to protect their feet from the harsh environment. 

As time passed, Moccasins came into everyday use and now there’s a wide variety of these loafers for men which are worn as casual shoes for men. These slip on shoes for men now come as driving moccasins, work boots moccasins, rubber-dotted moccasins, separated pad moccasins etc. 

Fausto has a wide array of differently styled Moccasins for all your fashion needs. Fausto’s loafers for men feature a leather outer material and a medium soft sole to provide you with great grip and comfort. You can wear these Moccasins with skinny jeans and a shirt to dress up for the day. For an everlasting style statement, these slip-on shoes for men have a perforated top and a contrast coloring in the shoe and the sole of the shoe. The rubber sole gives these shoes a sticky feel and a great grip. The sole is soft and gives a bouncy feel when you walk.

Choose from a wide selection of casual shoes for men, like loafers for men, slip on shoes for men etc., at Fausto. Enjoy convenience, affordable prices and great looking quality shoes at the comfort of your home. Why step outside when you can get your new shoes shipped directly to your doorstep.


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