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Fausto brings you a wide variety of comfortable and light sandals for men. Choose from good looking casual shoes for men specially made for summers. Men’s criss-cross sandals are a definitive fashion statement you can make every day. Whether it is for office use or a casual day out, these sandals will give you both - a great look and amazing functionality. 

Indian summers are often full of terrible heat and sweat. Now you can battle the sweat and the itch with style. Our feet are the only part of our body that is fully enclosed and devoid of any air, most of the time. Wearing shoes and socks every day can be very taxing and can lead to loss of moisture and even fungal infections. If you battle through this problem on a day-to-day basis, it’s time to switch to sandals. Sandals for men have cutouts that keep your feet cool and dry all the time. You don’t have to wear socks with sandals and it only provides more comfort and coolness. 

If you have skin problems like Athlete’s foot or ringworm on your feet or are just sick and tired of handling dry skin, you should opt for these casual shoes for men. Criss-cross sandals generally have more than two straps fastening your foot to the sole of the sandal. The name comes from the criss-cross design of the sandals which is constructed with straps going up or down each other, making a criss-cross pattern. 

Fausto criss-cross sandals utilise adjustable velcro straps that are high-quality and durable. These sandals for men will stay on your feet, you can adjust how tight or loose you want them to be using the velcro straps. Fausto criss-cross sandals for men are made of synthetic leather which makes them sustainable and durable. These casual shoes for men also use memory cushion padding in the sole to provide you with maximum comfort while walking.

Sandals have been a part of human history for a long time. The oldest footwear of any type ever found is a pair of sagebrush bark woven sandals for men found in the Fort Rock Cave of the U.S. state of Oregon. The radiocarbon dating of these casual shoes for men revealed that these sandals are approximately 10,000 years old. In every corner of the world, from the continent of North America to far-east Japan, traces of civilisations utilizing sandals in their everyday footwear has been found. 

Check out the complete range of Criss-cross sandals available at Fausto right now and get yourself a pair of this cool and comfortable footwear!


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